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   The best place to learn Cybersecurity, Data science and Digital Forensics

We want all our students graduating each year find a job within 3 months

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Driven by Excellence and Experience

Instructors are selected among experts of their domains. They are not just teachers, they are professionals in their field of expertise.

Their expertise is vast and varied: some are specialists in cybersecurity, intrusion tests, security audits, etc. Others are functional, technology, application and security/cybersecurity architects.

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Exceptional professional training center: 40% theory and 60% practice
Training courses leading to professional qualification diplomas/certificate
Training courses leading to international certifications
Practical work environment to establish theoretical knowledge

What makes us different?

All our students benefit from individualized support: we ensure that everyone thrives. 

Our training is really practical: we ensure that our students are operational from the first day of their employment. 

Our trainers are selected from among the best: we ensure strict supervision of our instructors and laboratory engineers through standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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Are you looking for a professional training center where advanced digital techniques and technologies are taught, in a constantly changing environment and benefiting from a dynamic training team? You have just found it!

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The campus

Our campus is only a 3-minute walk away from the main entrance of the University of Yaounde II, at Soa city centre (Yaounde), and is easily accessible by car.

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