Enterprises and organizations

The SETA service

Through the Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA), we help businesses to educate and inform their employees and partners about basic information security issues and expectations. This enables the prevention of commonplace cybersecurity mistakes that lead to damaging data breaches.

Intra-company training

Our intra-company training offers are offers delivered exclusively to a targeted group of employees from the same company. They respond to specific needs identified within the company after a diagnosis carried out by us. Thus, employees who need training at identical levels are put together, and the content of the training (responding to the andragogical method) is adapted to their different levels.

The advantage of this training offer lies, among other things, in factors such as the possibility for you to define the place of training (within your company, in our center, or elsewhere), and the possibility of establishing a program personalized training according to your availability and the dates that would suit you (as a company).  


Our inter-company training offers bring together employees from several companies within the same training session that we will have proposed and which would suit everyone's needs. The topics covered are not those specific to a company, but those common to companies in general because no diagnosis will have been established, and the training takes place on our premises or in any other place that we have chosen.

The advantage of this training offer lies, among other things, in the fact that employees from several companies are brought together, which promotes an exchange of experiences; it is less expensive than the first because the modules are pre-designed; and the programs are adapted to the expectations of each company.